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Double Tap Shooting is the life and work of Mike "Mac" McQuown. Mac was virtually born with a gun in his hand and has been shooting since he was old enough to walk. After carers in the US Army, Law enforcement and as a firearms instructor Mac decided to bring his knowledge and style to you in a different media, so here we are.  

Michael "Mac" McQuown
Founder and President

Born and raised in northwest Pennsylvania Mac grew up at the base of the Allegheny National Forest. Shooting, hunting, trapping, fishing and camping were just another day of life. After high school Mac enlisted in the United States Army where he served for over a decade. While in the Army Mac excelled at marksmanship not only in the service but at state and national levels. This i where he began to instruct with pistols, rifles, machine guns and even grenade launchers. 

After leaving the military in 2000 Mac and his family landed and settled in Oklahoma and this is where the next leg of his journey would begin in Law Enforcement. From a street cop to drug task force entry team being a cop was definitely in Mac's blood. However with a family to feed and law enforcement in Oklahoma being drastically underfunded Mac was forced to leave to find work that supported his family at a level he desired.

It was while in law enforcement that Mac began instructing on a civilian level. As an NRA and Oklahoma Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET) certified instructor Mac began to teach the Oklahoma concealed carry safety course. Over the next 18 years Mac would instruct students in many different places, but most notable he became the house instructor at Kings Guns in Cushing, OK. The pipeline crossroads of the world. 

After his divorce in 2016 and a little break from the world Mac decided to move home to beautiful northwest Pennsylvania in 2018 and continue in the shooting world. Rebuilding his online presence and expanding into new arenas. And that's where you have joined us right here at the start of our next adventure.